Work Permit Rules

  • Permits are valid for one eight hour shift only and issued by a qualified permit writer. To extend a permit, the oncoming owning supervisor and the responsible operator must recheck the work in progress and sign the existing permit. Occasionally permits will be issued for longer or shorter periods as determined by the co-signers. If in the opinion of any one of the above mentioned persons, conditions change, making further work unsafe, the work will be discontinued. Work can then continue only upon express consent of the owning supervisor.

  • During plant emergencies. all permits are automatically canceled Work will not be resumed until all areas have been pronounced clear by the Emergency Director. Permits must be initiated as new work.

  • If cutting or welding is involved, fire extinguishing equipment shall be present at the work location with the standby man or safety watch.

  • A safety inspector will be required to remain at the hazardous permit location when deemed necessary by the owning supervisor.

  • The hazard permit will clearly describe the work location, and the permit will not be construed to include any location other than that designated.

  • The craftsman signing the permit shall be given the RED copy (for hot work and vehicle entry) and the BLUE copy (for confined entry). He must retain these copies at the work site until the permitted time expires or when the work is completed. He should then sign his copy and hand it back to the owning supervisor.

  • The owning supervisor should place the WHITE copy (for hot work and vehicle entry) and the GREENCOPY (for confined entry) in a p I ace within the control center so that persons working in the area will know that hazardous work is in progress.

  • Once permits are issued, a safety inspector or a supervisor will make appropriate checks while the job is in progress.